Summer 2024 Course

May 26, 2024 through July 6, 2024

Fill out the five forms linked on the side menu:

  1. Department Application form
    • The email you include in this form will be used for all communications regarding our field camp. Make sure you include an email address that you check regularly.
  2. University of Missouri Undergraduate Visiting Student Application form
    • Note: The MU Undergraduate Visiting Student Application requires $25 non-refundable fee, payable by credit or debit card (credit or debit card information needs to be entered on said form.
  3. Standard of Conduct form
  4. Information Acknowledgement form

When completed, all five forms must be emailed to the Field Camp Director, Dr. Nate Hopkins,

DO NOT send any forms to the Office of Admissions at the University of Missouri.

  1. All four application forms must be emailed to Field Camp Director at
  2. Make sure all forms are filled out fully, and correctly, before you email your application package to the Field Camp Director
  3. DO NOT return the Visiting Student Form (or any others) to the Admissions Office at the University of Missouri

The Branson Field Laboratory is about 10 miles southwest of Lander, Wyoming in Sinks Canyon of the Wind River Mountains. The camp is in the Shoshone National Forest about a half mile from the trailhead into the Popo Agie Wilderness Area.


Cost (USD)

Tuition *


Room and Board


Field Transportation **


Textbooks and classroom materials


Transportation to camp fee *** (Optional)

$200 round-trip; $100 one-way



(*) Tuition rate is the same for Missouri residents and non-residents, MU students and visiting students. Tuition, College of Arts and Science Fee and Computing Fee are subject to change. These fees do not revert to our program, and are funneled directly to the University.

(**) Field transportation fees apply to all students attending camp, and relates to the usage of University vehicles for daily transportation to field sites and field trips.

(***)  For students opting to travel in University vans from Columbia, MO to Lander, WY and back, there will be an extra fee (see below).

Round-trip transportation and lodging from Columbia, MO to Camp Branson, WY
Round trip transportation and lodging from Columbia, Missouri to Branson Lab is $200.

The vans will leave Columbia in the morning of Friday, May 24, at 7:30am and arrive in camp on the afternoon of Sunday, May 26. The vans will leave camp in the morning of Saturday, July 6 and arrive in Columbia in the afternoon of Sunday, July 7.

The Cashiers Office at MU will send the first notification of a fee bill to students registered for the course on or around April 25, and fee bills can be paid off in up to three installments:

  • A first installment, with a minimum payment of up to 1/3 of your total, will be due on or around May 10
  • A second installment, with a minimum payment of up to 1/3 of your total, will be due on or around June 10
  • A third and last installment to cover the remainder will be due on or around July 10

Cashiers Office information on billing and payments below:

The books included in the textbook fees noted above are:

  • Tucker, Maurice E., 2011, Sedimentary Rocks in the Field: A Practical Guide, Wiley-Blackwell, 288p.
  • Lageson, D. and Dearing, D., 1991. Roadside Geology of Wyoming, Mountain Press, 271p.
  • Hendrix, M., 2011. Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country, Mountain Press, 312p.
  • We also provide a hardcover field notebook for each student, and a 3-ring binder to keep all your lecture materials